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Every KansasFest produces a wealth of media, from handouts and flyers to audio and video recordings of sessions. Here you will find as much of that information has has been made available for archival purposes.

All files are presented here with permission of their creators. All PowerPoint and Keynote files come in ZIP archive format. To view PDF, Keynote, PowerPoint, and OpenOffice files, use Adobe Acrobat Reader, Keynote, and PowerPoint, or OpenOffice, respectively (or their equivalents).

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1991InfoCommitteeWelcome letterPDF
1991SessionDave LyonsExploring the Toolbox InteractivelyPDF
1991SessionMarc WolfgramProgramming with ResourcesPDF
1992SessionAlan Bird, Roger Wagner, Tom Weishaar, Randy BrandtOld Timers: Two SurvivorsYes
1992SessionAlbert NeuburgerOptimizing 65xxx Assembly Language CodePDF
1992SessionBecky Heineman, Nate TrostApple IIGS Graphics and Sound CollegePDF
1992SessionJason AndersenSoftware Design with an Emphasis on GamesPDF
1992SessionPaul Statt, Tom Weishaar, Steve Disbrow, Jim MerrittOld Timers: Apple II MagazinesYes
1992SessionSilas WarnerOld Timers: Muse SoftwareYes
1992SessionSteve Chiang, Jason AndersenBreaking the 16-Color BarrierPDF
1992SessionTom WeishaarWeishaar interviews WozniakYes
1992ScheduleCommitteeSchedule and welcome packetPDF
1993SessionAndy McFaddenHigh-Speed CompressionPDF
1993SessionChuck KellyDigital ElectronicsPDF
1993SessionChuck KellyPeripheral DesignPDF
1993SessionJay JenningsAdventure Game Design - The InternalsPDF
1993SessionJim MaricondoTwilight ll Generation 2 Module Format ReferencePDF
1993SessionSteve Gunn, Nate TrostIIGS SoundPDF
1995SessionSteve DisbrowKansasFest 1995 overviewYes
1996InfoCommitteeEvent scheduleHTML
1996SessionGary UtterKeynote speechHTML
1997ArticleDavid KerwoodReal-time reportHTML
1997SessionDavid KerwoodKeynote speechHTML
1998ArticleKen GagnePost-event coverageHTML
1999InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
1999SessionMax JonesKeynote speechHTML
2000InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2002InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2002SessionRyan SuenagaJuiced.GS: How Syndicomm revolutionized Apple IIGS newsletter productionPowerPoint
2002SessionRyan SuenagaKansasFest 2003: Will we or won't we?PowerPoint
2003InfoCommitteeActivity matrixPDF
2004ArticleKen GagneDISC movie premiere wrap-upHTML
2004ArticleSean FaheyKansasFest Dos and Don'tsHTML
2004SessionEric ShepherdCode secrets of Wolfenstein 3D IIGSKeynotePDF
2005InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2006InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2006SessionAndrew RoughanRumblings from the Land Down UnderPowerPointPDF
2006SessionEric ShepherdKeynote speechKeynotePDF
2007InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2007SessionAndrew RoughanA walk through the Marinetti Open Source ProjectPDF
2007SessionDavid SzetelaKeynote speechYes
2007SessionMichael J. MahonReal Sound for 8-bit Apple II'sPowerPointPDF
2007SessionMichael J. MahonNadaNet Networking for Apple II ProgrammersPowerPointPDF
2008InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2008SessionGeoff WeissMove over Spectrum ZFS, can do everything!PDF
2008SessionMargaret AndersonIntroducing HyperCardPDF
2008SessionMichael J. MahonAppleCrate IIPowerPointPDF
2008SessionRyan SuenagaBlogging for (lots of fun) and (a very small) profitKeynote
2008SessionRyan Suenaga, Tony Diaz3G or not 3G: Internet through your mobile phoneKeynote
2008SessionStavros KaratsoridisUsing the IIGS MonitorPDF
2008SessionSteve WeyhrichDigitizing Your LifePDF
2009InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2009SessionCommitteeCelebrity roast: LOLgeeksHTML/JPEG
2009SessionEric ShepherdSweet16 2.0KeynotePDF
2009SessionEric ShepherdIntroduction to the Apple IIGS ToolboxKeynotePDF
2009SessionFerdinand Meyer-HermannSession: Double-Scanning the Apple II VideoPDF
2009SessionGeoff WeissXVM Virtual Box 3.0PDF
2009SessionGeoff WeissOpenSolaris Now and a Look AheadPDF
2009SessionIvan DruckerThe Forgotten II: The Apple IIe Card for the Macintosh LCKeynotePDF
2009SessionIvan DruckerFixing Time Zone, or What To Do With a 14-Drive Apple IIPDF
2009SessionJason ScottKeynote speechYesYes
2009SessionKen GagneClassic Gaming InspirationsHTMLVideo
2009SessionRob WalchThe 411 on the iPhonePDF
2009SessionRyan SuenagaGeocaching for Noobs by a NoobKeynotePDF
2009SessionRyan SuenagaHow Web APIs and Mobile Devices are Shaping the Future of Apple IIGS TCP/IP Programming (and Other Topics)KeynotePDF
2009SessionVince BrielA2MP3 unveilingYes
2010EventGeoff WeissBite the BagYes
2010InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2010SessionDagen BrockOff-platform Apple II developmentZIPYes
2010SessionGeoff WeissYou're happy if you GNO itYes
2010SessionIvan DruckerIntroducing Slammer: A New Way of Using Machine Language from ApplesoftYes
2010SessionIvan DruckerIntroducing NuInput: A superior INPUTYes
2010SessionKen GagneClassic Gaming Inspirations, Part DeuxHTMLVideoYes
2010SessionKen GagneKnow Your MemeHTMLYes
2010SessionKen Gagne, Ivan Drucker, Mike Maginnis, Steve WeyhrichApple's Growing Divide Between Users and ProgrammersYesYes
2010SessionMark SimonsenKeynote speechYesYes
2010SessionMartin HayeSuper-MonYes
2010SessionMartin HayeNakedOSYes
2010SessionMelissa Barron73H 0r3g0n 7r41L Game ModYes
2010SessionMike MaginnisApple ///: A Closer LookPowerPointPDFYes
2010SessionPeter NeubauerMagic with MacrosoftKeynotePDFYes
2010SessionRob WalchThe 411 on the iPhonePDFYes
2010SessionRyan SuenagaSuck Free From a DistanceMP4YesYes
2010SessionStavros KaratsoridisHow to Use Your Apple II as a Dumb Terminal for Mac OS XYes
2010SessionSteve WeyhrichApple II History redesign unveilingYes
2010SessionTony DiazDisk Drive MaintenanceYes
2010SessionTony DiazRetr0Blasting & Restoring A2 HardwareYes
2010SessionWayne ArthurtonOptimizing Algorithms in Applesoft BASICYes
2011EventGeoff WeissBite the BagYes
2011InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2011SessionBob BishopKeynote speechYes
2011SessionDaniel KruszynaApple IIgs System Timing and the FPIPostScriptPDFYes
2011SessionDavid SchmenkEscape from the Homebrew Computer ClubKeynotePDFYes
2011SessionEric ShepherdHidden Gems of the Apple IIGS ToolboxKeynotePDFYes
2011SessionEric ShepherdThe Bleeding Edge of Web TechnologyKeynotePDFYes
2011SessionEric ShepherdSweet16 v2.3 unveilingYes
2011SessionGeoff WeissIs that a IIgs in your pocket or are you happy to see me?Yes
2011SessionGeoff WeissUsing disk images on the Apple IIgsYes
2011SessionIvan DruckerNetworking your Mac or PC to your Apple IIKeynotePDFYes
2011SessionKen GagneKnow Your Meme, or the Return of the KingYes
2011SessionKen GagneBehind the Scenes at Open AppleKeynotePDFYesYes
2011SessionMartin HayeP2E - Pseudo-II EmulatorYes
2011SessionPeter NeubauerLOGO: History and ProgrammingKeynotePDFYes
2011SessionPeter NeubauerTurtle RobotsKeynotePDFYes
2011SessionRob WalchThe 411 on iOSKeynotePDFYes
2011SessionSteve WeyhrichTour of Apple II built in MinecraftVideoYes
2012InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2013EventWozniak and the Apple IYouTube
2013StorifyKen GagneStorify archive of Twitter mentionsStorifyHTML
2013SessionDagen BrockAssembly Programming for the IIgsGit
2013SessionDaniel KruszynaFolding floppy disk sleevesWeb
2013SessionKelvin SherlockMPW Cross DevelopmentGit MPW, Git MPW ToolsBitbucket MPW, Bitbucket MPW Tools
2013InfoCommitteeSession schedulePDF
2014SessionAndrew and Ivan HoganControlling I/O via game port interfaceDSK
HTTP (double-lo res graphics)
HTTP (I/O Interface)
2014SessionGeoff WeissGit Ready and Git GoingOpenDocument Presentation (ODP)

development package (TGZ)
2014SessionMartin HayeLawless Legends Top-to-BottomDSKGitLivestream
2014WorkshopSarah W.Apple II Ornament WorkshopHTTP
2014StorifyKen GagneStorify archive of Twitter mentionsHTTPZIP
2014SessionVendor FairLivestream Part I
Livestream Part II
2014SessionIan JohnsonJapanese on the Apple IIgsLivestream
2014SessionMike MaginnisAn Overview of the Apple3rtr EmulatorLivestream
2014SessionBrian WiserA.P.P.L.E. - A Highlight of Current Projects and ProductsLivestream
2014SessionCharles Mangin3D Print Your Next Apple IIZIPLivestream
2014SessionPeter NeubauerAppleTalk Networking with GSportGSport 0.31
2014SessionMichael SternbergHow to Play STAR SAGA: ONE using VASSALHandout (PDF)
Handout (LaTeX)
Presentation (PDF)
Presentation (ODF)
2014SessionMark PilgrimEmulator detection in 6502 assembly languageDSK
2014InterviewsAndrés LozanoHangouts (especially for French users)Interview recordings
2014InfoCommitteeFlyers advertising KFestZIPped PDF (flyer #1)
ZIPped PDF (flyer #2)
2015SessionMichael MahonBeyond the Beep
2015SessionChris Torrence
Night Owl Cable
2015SessionQuinn DunkiMouse ProgrammingPDFGitHub with source codeVideo