This montage of highlights from KansasFest 1995 is a tour de force of one of the earliest conventions to celebrate the Apple II personal computer.
Features include the keynote address by Roger Wagner; the party game Bite the Bag; the roast of Steve Disbrow; sessions by Tony Diaz and Mike Westerfield; and a cavalcade of cameos by Margaret Anderson, Joe Wankerl, Jack Kells, Greg Nelson, Nate Trost, Scott Johnson, Ephraim Wall, Susan McGregor, Bruce Milyko, John Stankowski, Lunatic E’Sex, Tim Gjenvick, Joyce Sullivan, Cindy Adams, Richard Bennett, Andrew Roughan, Tim Kellers, Carl Knoblock, Sarah Phillips, Eric Shepherd, Ryan Suenaga, Paul Zaleski, Doug Pendleton, Gina Saikin, Mark Cline, and Joe Kohn.

This video was produced by Steve Disbrow of EGO Systems. It has been digitized by Ken Gagne and Eric Shepherd and is published here with permission of the original copyright holder.  Recorded in 1995 by Steve Disbrow.