Present a Session

If you'd like to do a presentation at KansasFest, please fill out this form to tell us what you'd like to do and what you may need. If you have a suggestion for a session you'd like to see someone else present, please email us!
    Please allow time for questions.
    We will consider pre-recorded sessions that fit either a 15 or 30 minute time slot for playback during a scheduled session time. We'll include longer sessions in a playlist for attendees to view at their convenience. If you get a scheduled time for a pre-recorded session, plan to be available at that time for questions.
    We'll share session recordings on YouTube and the Internet Archive at no charge. You retain copyright.
  • We'll publish this description in our schedule. Please write from a third-person perspective and include your name. For example: "Mighty Mouse will demonstrate how to attach a cape to your Apple II."