P2E — Pseudo-II Emulator

Posted Mon, Apr. 2nd 2012 in Echoes of KFest (video)

P2E is a Martin Haye’s Apple II emulator that runs on all iOS devices, along with desktop computers and probably Android as well. Written and highly optimized in Javascript, it’s capable of emulating an Apple IIe at full speed on iPhone 3GS and above, including graphics and disk drive support. This session briefly covers (1) the technology involved, (2) innovative features such as quick transfer of disk images from PC to emulator and back, and easily searching and loading disks from larger online archives of freely available software, and (3) possible future directions.

Recorded on July 23, 2011, by Ken Gagne and made available under a Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Creative Commons license.