KansasFest is the largest and longest running annual convention dedicated to the Apple II computer that revolutionized the personal computing industry. Held every year in Kansas City, Missouri, KansasFest invites hobbyists, retrocomputing enthusiasts, and diehard aficionados to gather from all corners of the world. Hackers, programmers, users, gamers, and curious observers come from Hawaii, Massachusetts, Florida, England, Australia, Japan, and many other places by plane, train, bicycle, and Vespa.

Michael J. Mahon's AppleCrate.What do they do once they’re at KansasFest? Attendees build, buy, sell, and swap hardware, including Ethernet cards, CompactFlash adaptors, and replacement floppy drives. They code well into the night to compete in the annual HackFest. They give presentations on everything from overlooked software gems to new product demonstrations to emulating the Apple II on modern cell phones. They wander from room to room, checking out and showing off each other’s setups, chatting with old friends and making new ones, ordering pizza and making 3 AM trips to Denny’s and watching movies like WarGames.

KansasFest is about a computer and a camaraderie unlike anything else. The Apple II attracts people of a certain mindset and spirit who exhibit a rare creativity, resilience, dedication, history, and nonconformity. The Apple II has lasted for more than 40 years, and the friendships and memories made at KansasFest will last even longer.

KansasFest Inc. is also a 501(c)(3) organization. Everyone in the organization is a volunteer and 100% of donations will be put towards the KansasFest convention. If you’re thinking of donating, our Tax EIN ID is 47-3514247.

To learn more, read our FAQ or Wikipedia page — or better yet, register to experience KansasFest for yourself!