The Committee

KansasFest is a week-long gathering of Apple II users. For that week to be the best retrocomputing convention possible, a few of the attendees work year-round to ensure everything goes off smoothly. If you’ve ever wondered who those individuals are, wonder no more:

Andy Molloy is the schedulemeister. When you submit to present a session, Andy helps figure out when you’ll take the stage.

Chris Torrence helps out with social media and all the odd jobs that no one else wants. He has an active YouTube channel where he reviews and repairs Apple II equipment. He hopes to one day become a 6502 assembly language expert.

Dagen Brock does odd jobs like printing materials and occasionally lifting heavy things.  He’s an enthusiastic Apple II programmer who continues to release new software for all Apple II platforms.

Kirk Mitchell manages each year’s Kookout luncheon and reports live from the event on Twitter. Dodges responsibility until cornered.

Martin Haye tries, with varying success, to greet and geek out with every attendee at every KFest. He also loves to run out for missing last-minute stuff.

Peter Neubauer handles publicity, including Web site management, writing press releases, designing logos, and creating flyers.

Sean Fahey is the Committee’s site contact for Rockhurst University and scout for the Greater Kansas City area. He helps insure that KansasFest attendees get logistical information and support on local attractions and resources.

Steve Weyhrich is the Apple II community’s resident historian, providing a valuable long-term perspective as well as community outreach.

James Littlejohn is the District Optimization of Legacy Factors Response Officer (2nd class). He enthusiastically transitions hyper-scale partnerships and dynamically cultivates user friendly collaboration for idea-sharing.

This event receives additional aid:

Devin Reade administrates the KansasFest email list, which gives our members a year-long outlet by which to keep in touch and coordinate their next reunion.

There are countless others who have contributed to the event over the past two decades, from coordinators Cindy Adams, Steve Gozdziewski, Ken Gagne, Howard Katz,  and Jerry Cline to sponsors Resource Central and Tim Kellers.  We also owe Tony Diaz for many years of service to KansasFest; he’s a guru on all Apple II topics.  Carl Knoblock has run the “Peikop Endropov” airport taxi service. To list everyone here would be impossible. But the most important contribution anyone can make to KansasFest is to show up — without attendees, there is no event for the committee to coordinate.