The late Silas Warner gave this presentation at KansasFest 1992 about his company, Muse Software, developer of Castle Wolfenstein, Robot War, and many other classic Apple II products. From the session schedule:

As part of our 15th Anniversary celebration, this session will be a complete history 01 Muse Software, from new Apple II to finaI auction in live years. Muse is probabIy best known for its strategy games Castle Wolfenstein, RobotWar, and ABM, but the company was also an early publisher of education software and the Super Text Professional word processor.

This recording, digitized by Steve Weyhrich, was originally distributed by Resource Central (catalog product number AT2-34) and has been generously reclassified under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Ken Gagne contributed a transcription available as HTML and text.