Vendor Fair

Vendor Fair 2009Every Saturday at KansasFest is the Vendor Fair, in which members of the Apple II community buy, sell, swap, and trade hardware, software, and publications. You don’t need to be a vendor to participate; many attendees come to KansasFest with magazines, monitors, or custom devices, such as NadaNet adaptors or Computist Project DVDs. But the largest inventories often come from established businesses, and vendors that have been represented at past fairs are listed below, in alphabetical order, along with a sample of their products.

New in 2011, the vendor fair is expanding into an exhibit hall. Show off your newest, rarest, or coolest hardware or software, including your HackFest entry, and let other Apple II users play with your setup!

Want to participate in the fair or exhibit hall? Indicate your interest when registering, or drop us a line!

16 Sector

16Sector: Focus IDE HD controller card, Sirius 8MB RAM card, A2-Romulan software compilation CD.

Briel Computers

Briel Computers: Replica 1 clone of the Apple-1.


Gamebits: Publisher of Juiced.GS, the last remaining Apple II print publication. MicroDrive IDE controller card, no-slot clock, DoubleSeven expansion card, TransWarp ROMs.


Syndicomm: Softdisk and ByteWorks collections, APDA reference manuals, telecom starter kits, System software.

Ultimate Apple 2

Ultimate Apple 2: VGA cards, Essential Data Duplicator card.