The titular Alan Bird and Roger Wagner are joined by Tom Weishaar, Randy Brandt, and other Apple II veterans at KansasFest 1992 as they recount tales from behind the scenes. From the session schedule:

Part of our 15th Anniversary celebration, this session will give you a chance to meet and listen to two old-time Apple II programmers who have survived. Alan Bird is the author of numerous Beagle Bros classics, including the TimeOut kernel and the Beagle Compiler, and the WestCode programs InWords and Pointless. He was part of the Beagle team that worked on AppleWorks 3.0 and was winner of one of two 1992 Apple II Individual Recognition Awards. Roger Wagner taught the world to sing 6502 assembly language in his columns and books, and is now the loudest evangelist the Apple IIGS has. Roger was winner of the 1991 Apple II Individual Achievement Award.

This recording, digitized by Steve Weyhrich, was originally distributed by Resource Central (catalog product number AT2-35) and has been generously reclassified under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.