The KansasFest 2010 session lineup, first posted last month, has grown to include several more presentations, courtesy several volunteers willing to offer their insights and expertise to KansasFest attendees:

  • Stavros Karatsoridis will describe how to set up an Apple II to act as a “dumb terminal” for the Terminal application in Mac OS X.
  • Ivan Drucker will debut his original programming utility: Slammer, which allows machine language to be inserted into a standard Applesoft program with practically no performance, dependency, or stability issues.
  • Sometime this summer, KansasFest 2009 keynote speaker Jason Scott will be releasing GET LAMP, his two-disc documentary of text adventures. A special one-hour cut of this film, made exclusively for convention audiences, will be screened at KansasFest.
  • Eric Shepherd, who in 2008 gave a presentation on iPhone programming, will this year introduce us to iPad programming. More than just “a giant iPhone”, the iPad is a unique development environment, and Sheppy will review the differences between writing apps for the two devices.
  • Ken Gagne of quarterly magazine Juiced.GS will make several announcements about the past, present, and future of the world’s longest-running Apple II publication.

Formal sessions are an integral element of the KansasFest experience, offering Apple fans new ways and environments in which to use their favorite machines. The other half of the equation is the camaraderie offered by attendees and presenters: nothing recharges a retrocomputing enthusiast’s batteries as fast as the energy of fellow hobbyists. With less than a week until the Early Bird registration deadline, you should sign up today to enjoy the sessions and friendships that are a hallmark of KansasFest!