Help Track Down Apple II Collections

Posted Sat, Mar. 25th 2017 in News

Mr. Jason Scott, the keynote speaker at KansasFest 2009 and renowned archivist, has put out a call for help finding forgotten Apple II material:

We are in a golden age for Apple II history capture.

For now, and it won’t last (because nothing lasts), an incredible amount of interest and effort and tools are all focused on acquiring Apple II software, especially educational and engineering software, and ensuring it lasts another generation and beyond.

I’d like to take advantage of that, and I’d like your help.

KansasFest attendees know all about Jason’s work, but what about your friends, family, and coworkers? Does your Mom’s brother’s dog’s owner have a forgotten stash of Apple II software?  Do you know a retired school librarian with a dusty box of disks?  Ask around and help Jason save part of our history.

KansasFest 2009 Keynote with Jason Scott

Posted Thu, Aug. 30th 2012 in Echoes of KFest (video)

Jason Scott — digital archivist, proprietor of, and producer of the BBS and Get Lamp documentaries — delivered this keynote speech at KansasFest 2009 on July 21. This 20th annual Apple II convention was attended by retrocomputing enthusiasts from across North America, celebrating their favorite creation of Steve Wozniak.

Recorded on 7/21/2009 by Sean Fahey.

Jason Scott’s Modest Proposal

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Jason Scott of will pitch a project he’s working on that will impact Apple II users.

The Golden Age of the Apple II

Posted Thu, Jul. 21st 2011 in

The Apple II was in production from 1977 to 1993. From early interest to broad adoption to being over shadowed by the Mac, followed by cancellation, diehard support, and retrocomputing revitalization, the machine has survived many eras and purposes. What was the golden age of the Apple II? What constituted its heyday, and how long did it last — assuming it’s already over, or has even happened? Jason Scott will moderate this panel consisting of Bob Bishop (Apple Computer Inc.), Steve Weyhrich (Apple II History), and Geoff Weiss (Juiced.GS).

Jason Scott’s keynote speech

Posted Sat, Nov. 13th 2010 in Echoes of KFest

Jason Scott, creator of, BBS: The Documentary, and the online Twitter personality Sockington the cat, delivers this keynote speech at KansasFest 2009.

Recorded on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, by Sean Fahey.

A video of this session is also available.


GET LAMP lands

Posted Thu, Aug. 19th 2010 in News

Among the sessions offered at KansasFest 2010 was an advance screening of GET LAMP, Jason Scott‘s documentary of text adventures. After this one-hour presentation, KFesters received a pleasant surprise: every attendee would receive a free copy of the final product, a $40 value. Though the two-DVD set wouldn’t ship until August, each attendee went home with a numbered, collectible coin that would soon be complemented by the actual film.

Get Lamp coin

The documentary includes leagues of extra features, including interactive branching paths, an upgrade guarantee, and every Eamon adventure ever created for the Apple II. Of course, the main feature is the film itself and its comprehensive chronology of interactive fiction and the people who created, made, sold, play, and promote:

The DVDs shipped on August 11 and have now arrived in all attendees’ homes. It’s a gift from Jason Scott and former KansasFest organizer Steve Gozdziewski, who each wanted to recognize the contribution every KFester makes to the Apple II community and to computer history. Their attendance at this event, whether it’s for the first time or the twenty-first, lets KansasFest continue to be a part of living history.

If you weren’t able to attend KansasFest 2010, you can still order GET LAMP online, or hope that the GET LAMP tour will come to a city near you. And if you or a friend are new to text adventures, the “How to Play Interactive Fiction” card, also seen at KansasFest 2010, is a good cheat sheet with which to get started.


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Before there was the first-person shooter, there was the second-person thinker. Come watch a one-hour cut of Jason Scott?s two-DVD documentary, GET LAMP, that covers the history, impact, programmers, and gamers of text adventures and interactive fiction.

KansasFest 2010 session update

Posted Wed, May. 26th 2010 in News

The KansasFest 2010 session lineup, first posted last month, has grown to include several more presentations, courtesy several volunteers willing to offer their insights and expertise to KansasFest attendees:

  • Stavros Karatsoridis will describe how to set up an Apple II to act as a “dumb terminal” for the Terminal application in Mac OS X.
  • Ivan Drucker will debut his original programming utility: Slammer, which allows machine language to be inserted into a standard Applesoft program with practically no performance, dependency, or stability issues.
  • Sometime this summer, KansasFest 2009 keynote speaker Jason Scott will be releasing GET LAMP, his two-disc documentary of text adventures. A special one-hour cut of this film, made exclusively for convention audiences, will be screened at KansasFest.
  • Eric Shepherd, who in 2008 gave a presentation on iPhone programming, will this year introduce us to iPad programming. More than just “a giant iPhone”, the iPad is a unique development environment, and Sheppy will review the differences between writing apps for the two devices.
  • Ken Gagne of quarterly magazine Juiced.GS will make several announcements about the past, present, and future of the world’s longest-running Apple II publication.

Formal sessions are an integral element of the KansasFest experience, offering Apple fans new ways and environments in which to use their favorite machines. The other half of the equation is the camaraderie offered by attendees and presenters: nothing recharges a retrocomputing enthusiast’s batteries as fast as the energy of fellow hobbyists. With less than a week until the Early Bird registration deadline, you should sign up today to enjoy the sessions and friendships that are a hallmark of KansasFest!