Super Juiced.GS+: Hyper Championship Edition Turbo

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After years of traveling from town to town, learning the secrets of the publishing masters, Juiced.GS has won the Apple II tournament, defeating every other retrocomputing magazine. But rather than slaking its thirst for dominance, the competition has driven Juiced.GS to extend its grasp even further. What realm will next fall before its relentless march? What legacy will Juiced.GS leave? History is written by the victors; in this session, we will write the next chapter — and the world will tremble before Juiced.GS’s might. All hail!

Juiced.GS Staff Meeting (only for staff members)

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Juiced.GS staff members pose for a photo at every KansasFest, but we never actually talk about the magazine. Let’s take this rare opportunity to sit down together and review what’s working, what isn’t, and what the publication will look like in the coming years.

Juiced.GS staff photo

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Meet on the first floor of Massman, at the Galaga machine. If the door is locked, your swipe card should get you in. No special apparel or accessories are required.

Juiced.GS + KansasFest = Register before July 10

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KansasFest registration will close in 10 days on July 10.  What are you waiting for?  Do you really want to be home, alone, impatiently refreshing this website hoping for a tidbit of the awesomeness happening in Kansas City?  Or, would you rather be at KansasFest, among your kind who share your passion for the Apple II?  Do you really want to miss the keynote from Randy Wigginton, part of the brainpower behind DOS and the Disk ][?

Juiced.GS V18I2 There’s only one thing better than KansasFest:  KansasFest with a one year Juiced.GS subscription included.  Juiced.GS is the longest running Apple II print publication and is chock full of news, reviews, interviews, and tutorials.  The most recent issue even offers a behind-the-scenes view of KansasFest.  You’ll have something to tide you over while waiting for KansasFest 2014.  Register for KansasFest between July 1 and July 10, mention Juiced.GS on the registration form, and the subscription is yours.  You may use your subscription yourself or gift it to a friend.

Juiced.GS Announcement

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Juiced.GS Staff Photo

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Anyone who has contributed to Juiced.GS since our last staff photo is invited to the Rockhurst bleachers for a group picture.


Juiced.GS Reception

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Juiced.GS is sponsoring “Pizza for the Masses” in Corcoran Hall — just what you need to get through the night.

Juiced.GS staff photo

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Anyone who has contributed to Juiced.GS since our last staff photo is invited to the Rockhurst bleachers for a group picture.