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Stylized Apple IIc

KansasFest 2024 Opens for Registration

KansasFest 2024 held July 16–21 at the University of Illinois and A2EVR held virtually July 27–28 are now open for registration. Join us for days and nights of sessions, demos, announcements, contests, and camaraderie. Our call for sessions remains open. Sign up now to share your projects and ideas with the community.

KansasFest 2023 Lapel Pin

In-person registration closes July 1

We have 90 people registered for the virtual event and 56 registered for in-person. Are you among them? Register now. Virtual registration remains open for nearly another month, and in-person registration closes tomorrow. Check out our YouTube channel to see what happened last year.

Largest KansasFest Ever

KansasFest 2020 will be a record-breaking meeting of expertise and passion for the Apple II. We have 347 registered attendees from 17 countries. We have 25 accepted sessions spanning a variety of topics, such as operating systems, disk archiving, cryptocurrency, games, graphics, and emulation. Look for an announcement on July 1 with details. Note that we only …