KansasFest 2023 will soon be upon us so we wanted to prepare the community for changes that are in the works. First, a reminder that in-person KansasFest is scheduled for July 18th-23rd at Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO. Expect registration to open in April or May.

At the in-person event, you can expect the same awesome, in-depth Apple II experience we’re famous for. A week of sessions, fun and camaraderie with your fellow Apple II enthusiasts. This year though, we want to change things up a bit for the benefit of the community and to make the event more manageable for all involved.

KansasFest will be two closely related events now; the in-person event and also a weekend of virtual KansasFest. The virtual event is shaping up now and will be managed by our good friend Paul Hagstrom and his team of volunteers. We intend to put on the virtual event during the weekend of July 29th and 30th. More details are forthcoming. We are confident that with Paul running the event, virtual attendees will have a great experience.

Recordings from both the in-person event and virtual event will be posted afterwards on our usual distribution channel on Youtube.

Presenters will have multiple options on how they want their sessions presented. We would like to see the in-person events sessions grow from hour to half-day sessions, i.e. hands-on workshops on soldering, repair, programming with interactive training and Q&A. The virtual event would be for streaming shorter topics over the span of two days.

You may be asking why we’re splitting up the event like this. The truth is, the volunteers who plan and produce the in-person event lack the resources to simultaneously put on an awesome in-person event without impacting the quality of the virtual side of the conference. We want everyone in the community to participate in the way that best suits them. You can even attend and participate in both!

Another thing we’d like to see the community embrace is making 2023 the year of the Apple ///. The Apple /// doesn’t get enough love and we’d like to change that by welcoming anyone who wants to bring a /// specific topic to either event. Help us make 202/// a year we can say Apple /// Forever!

// Times the Fun, /// Makes It Even Better