KansasFest 2022, the 34th annual Apple II convention, is scheduled for July 19–24, both remote and in-person. Robert Woodhead, well-known as the co-creator of the Wizardry series of computer role-playing games, will join us in-person as the keynote speaker (his talk will also be streamed live). Registration is now open. Information about our COVID restrictions for in-person attendees is here.

At an early age, Robert Woodhead, aka Trebor the Mad Overlord, was consumed by two passions: computer programming and not having to have a real job. He first achieved this by writing computer games for Sir-Tech Software, most notoriously co-authoring the first four Wizardry CRPGs, first for the Apple ][, and later for other, lesser computers. In 1989, deciding that this wasn’t nerdy enough, he co-founded the oldest surviving anime releasing company, AnimEigo. Other things he’s done include writing one of the first MMO bots, building a two-time National Champion Combat Robot, and serving four terms on the EVE Online Council of Stellar Management.