The KansasFest Planning Committee looks forward to seeing you soon!  We’re committed to everybody having an excellent trip, so please let us know if we may help with anything.

This page contains details about your arrival at KansasFest.  You may also find our FAQ helpful.  The KansasFest for Newcomers guide provides much more information; long-time attendees may even learn something.


See the “What to Pack” list for ideas.

Getting There

We will be in Corcoran Hall on the campus of Rockhurst University.  Please see the campus map.  Notice the one-way streets that may affect your travel.  When you arrive, please park in front (north) of the building along the street.  The doors will be locked.  Knock and somebody will let you in.  Dagen has created a helpful video showing our building and parking.

Checking In and Parking

You may check in starting Monday afternoon (if you paid for super-early arrival), or Tuesday morning. The resident assistant at the dorm can check you in and give you your room key and building access card.

The event registration table (to receive your welcome packet, t-shirt, etc.) is open on Tuesday between 12PM – 3:30PM and on Wednesday between 1PM – 1:15PM.

After unloading, please relocate your car to the parking garage at the intersection of Troost Ave. and Rockhurst Rd.  The gated lot just east of the building is not available.  Your card will open the gate to the parking structure.


Most meals are in the Massman Hall cafeteria. Typical times are:

  • Breakfast: 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM
  • Lunch: Noon – 1 PM
  • Dinner: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM (Except pizza night on Friday, and dinners out on Tuesday and Saturday)

On Tuesday at 4:00PM, we will gather in the building lobby and depart at 4:30 PM for a dinner outing to Jack Stack BBQ (Freight House location) and Lidia’s Italian restaurantClick here for directions.  Both restaurants are in the same plaza, and you may dine at whichever you prefer. Vegetarians often split off and head to one of several excellent appropriate restaurants.

Activities kickoff mid-morning Wednesday with the Garage Giveaway followed by the Kookout Barbecue in the Student Activities Center (aka “party barn” just west of Corcoran Hall). The keynote begins midafternoon in the Corcoran Hall basement.


If you have a car for the duration of the conference, please carpool with other attendees when we head out to local restaurants, arcades, movies etc. so we don’t have to use taxis/ubers.


You’ll be provided with a printed schedule summary; while good for time slots, the particular session schedule always changes to some extent. Thus, the schedule is available in several formats online.  We’ll update all of these schedule formats except the PDF with last minute changes.  We’ll announce changes before sessions begin and maintain a whiteboard in the lobby with written notices.  It’s also helpful to monitor the mailing list.

Questions and Problems

If you have any questions or problems, please ask.  Members of the planning committee wear black lanyards.  We have many regular attendees who can help, too, so don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.

Photography and Video Recording

We take privacy and safety seriously.  Before streaming, filming, or taking photos, please consider the following:

  • Attendees wearing RED lanyards DO NOT wish to be photographed, filmed or streamed. If you inadvertently capture someone wearing a red lanyard while recording, tastefully blur them out during editing prior to uploading the video to public sites. If you’re streaming, please focus on the speaker and their session content (not on audience shots), assuming the speaker is okay with being captured.
  • People with BLUE and BLACK lanyards have consented to being filmed, streamed, photographed etc.

It’s always a good idea to ask permission before putting anyone in frame, especially if you’re using your phone. People can’t tell if you’re reading your e-mails and texts or streaming/filming. Clearly indicate you’re filming and make sure the person understands and acknowledges you. Don’t assume it’s okay because sometimes it’s not.

Keep it polite, and everyone will have a good time.

Linens and Pillows

Registration by default includes no linens or pillows. If you can’t pack one and didn’t pre-order a pillow/linens, Wal-Mart has inexpensive options. If you can arrange to bring your own sheets, blanket, and towel(s), we recommend that you do so. Or, you may order linens from us at an extra cost; they will be sufficient but spartan. At the end of the event, attendees may keep linens and pillows, or leave them in the lobby and we’ll donate them to a local non-profit shelter.

There are laundry facilities in the dorm basement. You’ll need quarters and detergent. Sometimes, attendees share a box/bottle of detergent for the duration of the conference.


The local weather will likely be HOT AND HUMID. Some trekking is involved between the dorm and the cafeteria, loading/unloading vehicles, etc. If you’re from a milder climate or an indoor person, the heat and humidity can be brutal.

Keep yourself hydrated.
Don’t overexert yourself.
Ask for help if you need it.
Wear appropriate clothing.
Sunscreen is your friend.

Many attendees keep an ice chest in their room (often shared by roommates) filled with ice, beverages, and munchies. There should be a working ice machine in the basement of the dorm. To prevent the first day’s run on the ice, consider filling up with ice from a convenience/grocery store first and then restock from the ice machine.

Some attendees bring small desk fans or box fans to boost the effectiveness of the dorm A/C units. The A/C is pretty good, but a fan can help knock down humidity. The A/C is also an alternative to chilling bottled water if you don’t use a cooler.

Supplies and Local Stores

There is usually an impromptu call Tuesday evening for a caravan to Wal-Mart for supplies. Speak up if you need a ride or directions. Wal-Mart has just about anything you’ll need. Additional supply runs occur sporadically, so if you miss the first one, there may be another later.

Micro Center about 20+ minutes away in Overland Park offers computer stuff and electronics. For electronic components, the closest place is Electronics Supply Co.  (directions).

There is an ATM machine and free-play Galaga machine in the Massman Hall basement.


Our dorm is divided into ‘loud’ and ‘quiet’ areas. Each wing of the dorm has a single bathroom per floor; we try to fairly assign the bathrooms based on how many men and women are in each section. It’s the best we can do in the circumstances, so please understand that you might have to go upstairs or across to the other wing to find your bathroom. Signs will be posted, so please be observant before entering the facilities.

Guard your door card. Replacement cards can cost $100. When you arrive, staff will provide you with a door/gate access card (for swiping to get into the dorm, the hall, and parking area gates), a key (for your room), and a lanyard with a pouch. We suggest putting the key on the card pouch for easy access and keeping your card pouch in the lanyard’s pouch. Return the card and key when you check out. The lanyard is yours to keep. If you can, keep it for next year for your KansasFest annual pin collection.

Please help us keep the building clean.  Make sure trash ends up in a can or dumpster.  Use recycling bins. Break down boxes and bring them to the dumpster east of the building.


We have a large, diverse group of people with the Apple II as a shared interest.  Please respect these differences and see our code of conduct.