KansasFest is a few weeks behind us now, and the Apple II community is still absorbing all the amazing experiences, products, and announcements that came out of the event. One way in which that information is being digested and disseminated is through podcasts, several of which have focused on the convention.

The first to air was Open Megahertz, a unique collaboration between the hosts of the Open Apple and 1 MHz podcasts. Friday morning, while KansasFest was happening around them, Carrington Vanston, Mike Maginnis, and Ken Gagne got together to talk about how the event had gone so far, and to review a classic piece of edutainment.

Retro Computing Roundtable, a show founded by David Greelish and hosted last month by Earl Evans. The three gentlemen chatted about a variety of topics but focused on the event Carrington was attending. With neither David nor Earl having been to KansasFest before, there was plenty of curiosity and awe over Carrington’s experience.

A week later, Vince Briel, who attended his first full KansasFest in 2011, appeared on the RetroMacCast. Although traditionally focused on older Macintosh computers, RMC‘s hosts, James and John, regularly expand their scope to encompass other Apple computers. Their conversation with Vince provided a good overview of the event.

Open Apple aired. This monthly Apple II podcast has a rotating guest, who this month was David Schmenk, creator of the 8-bit game Escape from the Homebrew Computer Club and first-time KansasFest attendee. Along with regular hosts Mike Maginnis and Ken Gagne, all three of the show’s speakers were recently home from KansasFest 2011 and had plenty of stories to tell.

If you were at KansasFest 2011, these shows are a way to keep your memories alive; if you weren’t, you can experience the convention vicariously through these podcasts, cementing your belief that you need to attend KansasFest 2012!