Many KansasFest attendees are, unsurprisingly, IT professionals: they make their livings as educators, sysadmins, tech writers, and software engineers. Their passion for the Apple II often inspires their professional work and vice versa, especially when it comes to evangelizing how they spent their summer vacation.

Ivan Drucker, a three-time KansasFest attendee and former Apple employee, is the founder of IvanExpert, a New York City-based Macintosh consulting firm. On the company’s YouTube channel, Ivan has recently presented a series of videos discussing emerging trends and IT solutions he has encountered. Not only does the background of every video feature an Apple II Plus, but Ivan’s latest video focuses on the highlight of his year, KansasFest.

A favorite quote: “It’s not the kind of thing ordinary people like.”

Likewise, Ken Gagne, an online editor for, recently had the opportunity to preach the wonders of the Apple II to the Denver Apple Pi users’ group. The group’s members, many of whom founded the club with their Apple II computers more than thirty years ago, enjoyed the nostalgic look at the machine and were surprised to hear of its supportive and modern community. The entire presentation was recorded, with additional notes and resources on Ken’s blog.

Both Ken and Ivan mentioned Vince Briel’s A2MP3 card as an example of the wonders still possible with an Apple II. That device was the star of some mainstream coverage when another KansasFest alumnus, Andy Molloy, had his assembly of the A2MP3 documented at KansasFest. That photo gallery is now available on, showing how easy it is to put together the best way to listen to tunes on your Apple II.

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