KansasFest has been in full swing for more than 48 hours, and attendees are already exhausted from the bounty of sessions, hardware, knowledge, and camaraderie. A few have even taken the time to share their experiences with the online community, so if you couldn’t make it here yourself, you can catch a glimpse of the action as it’s happening.

Kirk Mitchell has continued his tradition of daily reports to the Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.apple2. Rather than duplicate his efforts, the staff of A2Central.com are firing out morsels of news in a timely fashion, including several YouTube videos. Steve Weyhrich has used information gleaned from yesterday’s keynote speech to update his page on Bob Bishop. And Ken Gagne wrote a brief post on why it’s great to be a part of the Apple II community.

Bob Bishop

Finally, there’s always Twitter, with its 140-character limit on current events. This Web site has a live Twitter feed that compiles the tweets of almost every KansasFest 2011 attendee, as well as any tweet using the #A2KFest hashtag.

More reports will be posted as members of the community find time, so stay tuned!