At KansasFest 2010, attendees had the honor of meeting Dennis Doms and Tom Vanderpool, two Resource Central employees. It was they who founded the event that has become known as KansasFest. When Resource Central closed their doors, it was a group of volunteers who ensured that the annual tradition of gathering Apple II users in Kansas City continued.

InTrec logo

Over the years, those volunteers have included a variety of businesses and organizations who have literally insured KansasFest would continue by putting up the money to cover up-front expenses. Paul Parkhurst of Parkhurst Micro Products and Tim Kellers of Kellers Auto Electric carried the torch before passing it to Jerry Cline of InTrec Software in 1997, who has sponsored the event for more than a decade.

The KansasFest committee would like to thank Jerry for the years of support he has lent us, starting with when he stepped in at a moment’s notice to allow the event to continue and then helped it grow to what it has become today. With InTrec’s flagship product, ProTERM, now reclassified as freeware, it is time to again transition KansasFest’s sponsorship to a business active in today’s Apple II community.

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Starting this year, KansasFest is sponsored by 16 Sector, headed by Tony Diaz.

Once again, thank you to Jerry Cline for his years of service, which came when they were needed to keep KansasFest moving forward.  Here’s to many more decades of happy reunions and new friends!