In 2007, KansasFest had the pleasure of hosting David Szetela as the keynote speaker. Mr. Szetela, currently owner and CEO of Clix Marketing, served as the founding editor of the esteemed Nibble Magazine when the Apple publication debuted in 1980. After leaving Nibble, Mr. Szetela spent more than six years working at Apple Computer Inc., giving him an inside perspective on the producers of the world’s most famous personal computer.

Two brief videos from Mr. Szetela’s keynote speech have recently been unearthed and published. In the first, Mr. Szetela discusses the departmental politics at Apple Computer Inc. during the Apple II’s twilight; in the second, he acknowledges the impact and legacy of individuals such as John Sculley and Mike Harvey.Our thanks to Mr. Szetela for taking the time to share this history of the Apple II!