Unveiling the KansasFest 2011 logo

Posted Mon, Mar. 28th 2011 in News

Every year, the KansasFest logo is updated to represent the event to our attendees and the retrocomputing community at large, encapsulating key information about the convention into a single image. The logo has had a variety of designers over the years, with the last five enjoying the creativity and continuity of Chris Lackey at Cold Spring Design.

Building on Chris’s themes but bringing the design closer to the community, KansasFest committee member Peter Neubauer has crafted this most excellent logo for 2011:

KansasFest 2011 logo
Sporting the colorful rainbow of the classic Apple logo, the above image also reflects a change from our usual attempt to name all the platforms used and supported by KansasFest attendees. Whereas in the past we’ve tried to include Macintosh, Newton, and other operating systems, this year we’re taking the all-inclusive approach of focusing on what brings us together in the first place: APPLE II FOREVER.

Expect to see this logo on our flyers, handouts, shirts, and more!