Courtesy podcasts, session archives, and written reports, KansasFest is always extensively recorded and preserved in a variety of media. New to the 2010 event were several digital video cameras capturing the sights and sounds of the show as well.

Ken Gagne has finally finished uploading the results of those efforts: 22 videos from the 21st annual KansasFest. The complete album is available on Vimeo, which, unlike YouTube, permits videos longer than ten minutes. The sessions can be streamed or downloaded in MP4 format. Here’s a sample:

As with all things KansasFest-related, these videos are a volunteer effort and may lack the polish of a professional production. In particular, the audio could stand to be improved (and will be for KansasFest 2011). But each session was recorded with the presenter’s permission, and any caveats were indicated prior to publication. Unanimously, the presenters graciously allowed their sessions to be made available, “warts and all”. The files are further licensed under a Creative Commons license, if any, as indicated by the presenter.

From Melissa Barron’s Oregon Trail hack to Peter Neubauer’s popular session on Macrosoft, and Mark Simonsen’s keynote speech to the after-hours competition known as Bite the Bag, it’s all here — almost. Though extensive, the album is not comprehensive. Technical difficulties made the recording of Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd’s session unsalvageable, and Geoff Weiss’s session was not captured. With several other videographers in attendance at KansasFest, maybe someone else will make these sessions available.

Now, even if you weren’t at KansasFest, you can benefit from the expertise demonstrated in many of the formal sessions and get a taste of the fun that’s to be had. Attend KansasFest 2011 and see for yourself — and maybe even be seen on video!