KansasFest 2010 was preserved as never before, courtesy an extensive video archive of the conference’s formal sessions. But video is not the most portable medium; whether you’re driving to work, going for a jog, or just in need of some background noise, you can’t always focus on a video display for extended periods.

Now you can take KansasFest audio with you wherever you go, courtesy Echoes of KFest, a podcast that delivers MP3 recordings of KansasFest sessions. One episode will be presented here each of the next four Saturdays as a trial run of this new outlet. You can stream the files, download them to your computer, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

This audio is the same featured in the previously published videos, which means it was not professionally produced. With Echoes of KFest in mind, a more concerted effort will be made at KansasFest 2011 to produce a higher quality of both audio and video recordings. It is also our hope to release other archival audio from other KansasFests as it becomes available. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this experiment in making KansasFest as accessible as possible.

Of course, some presentations don’t work well without their video component — and no recording can capture the experience of actually being in the audience. Mark your calendar for July 19–24 to enjoy KansasFest for yourself!