KansasFest 2010 is less than a week behind us, with some attendees still slowly making their way home. Those that have arrived are reporting more motivation and inspiration than ever for Apple II projects. Whether they’re dusting off old computers, continuing their HackFest projects, or submitting their ideas for publication, KansasFest alumni find the experience is one that recharges its participants and lingers until they reunite in Kansas City a year later.

It’s no surprise that KansasFest was a huge success. The event drew more than three dozen attendees, including Resource Central alumni Dennis Doms and Tom Vanderpool; former Beagle Bros president Mark Simonsen; numerous alumni, including Jeff Blakeney, our one international representative, returning to KansasFest for the first time since 2002; four returning first-timers from KansasFest 2009; and seven attendees who experienced their first KansasFest in 2010. There were also sessions presented remotely by absent alumni Eric Shepherd, Ryan Suenaga, Steve Weyhrich, and Wayne Arthurton.

Many of these sessions and others are available in the KansasFest file archive, with other media also available for those catching up on the event. Live reports were posted by Kirk Mitchell to comp.sys.apple2, while Andy Molloy, Mike Maginnis, and Sean Fahey reported for A2Central.com. First-time attendee Eric Rucker has written about his experience on his blog, while Ken Gagne is slowly uploading video recordings of the week’s events.

Look for further updates on this site as well as everyone slowly recovers from a week of sleepless nights that will last a lifetime!