KansasFest registration is right around the corner — and what better way to tempt you than a sneak preview of several sessions!

Ivan Drucker will present “Slammer: A New Way of Using Machine Language from Applesoft”. Peter Neubauer gives us “Magic with Macrosoft: Machine Language Speed for Applesoft Programmers”. Mike Maginnis dives into the Apple III with “Apple III: A Closer Look”. Ken Gagne continues his series from last year with “Classic Gaming Inspirations, Part Deux”. We’ll also have a return visit from Rob Walch, creator of the long running Today in iPhone podcast, who will give us tips, tricks and news on the latest iPhone, iPod Touch and, yes, the iPad!

We’ll report on additional sessions as we get closer to the event. We’d love for you to present a session on your favorite Apple II topic. Fill out the session form today!