KansasFest attendees make a concerted effort to capture as much of the organized KansasFest experience for sharing online. But Internet company Google Inc. recently did us one better by spotting a KFester in the wild.

Google’s fleet of camera-equipped cars regularly scours the Earth, shooting digital panoramas that are then shared via Google Maps with Street View. While recording the country roads of England last summer, they happened to have caught this scene:

Ewen Wannop on Google Street View

The above image was first posted to the KansasFest email list by the pictured peripatetic, KansasFest alumnus and former logo designer Ewen Wannop, famous for his Apple II telecommunications programs and essays. “I discovered by accident today that my village was now on Street View,” explained Ewen. “Then I remembered the car passing me last year while I was out walking.”

The region featured above can be found on Google Maps, where it can be zoomed in for an even better view. Google uses a sufficiently high resolution for its images that Ewen’s shirt is surprisingly legible when enlarged.

Where else can KansasFest be spotted? Send us your pictures, or come to KansasFest 2010 to witness the originating site itself!