The KansasFest 2009 schedule filled up so quickly that we’re giving you an early chance to submit your sessions for 2010!

While the evenings and nights of KansasFest are renowned for their spontaneity, the mornings and afternoons are reserved for sessions spanning a variety of uses, extensions, and applications of the Apple II family.  Just as varied as these sessions are the good people who volunteer to present them.  If you have a topic you’d like to present, fill out the session proposal form.

Or do you have a topic you would like to see presented, even if you aren’t the one to do it?  Email us your idea.

Past sessions have included hardware, software and game demonstrations and tutorials; integration of the Apple II with other devices; emulators; programming; Apple II history; or any subject that would be of interest to Apple II users. We are especially interested in, and priority will be given to, sessions that focus on Apple II-related topics. If we have room in the schedule, we also love Mac, iPhone and a stray Windows or UNIX session or two.

Sessions are typically 30 to 60 minutes in length and are held at various times throughout the daytime hours.

If you’ve never done a session and would like ideas for topics or formats, check out our archive of past presentations.