The Structris championship match’s pivotal moment:

At the end of level 9, Carrington’s blip was trapped and in the deep decent of doom. Believing this was the end, he looked away from the screen to curse the stars. The level had, in fact, completed in the nick of time. But it was too late to recover. Crushed like a bug. Eric was victorious.

Special mentions:

  • Semi-finalist Scott Miller, who provided the game’s mantra: “DON’T FEAR THE PIECE, NEVER FEAR THE PIECE”.
  • Kevin “the Human” Savetz and Carrington Vanston who gave an entertaining semi-final round – progressing well beyond level 10.
  •  Jeremy Rand for scoring the highest in the seed round (97 rows cleared)

Thanks to all the competitors, Michael Sternberg (Supreme Structris Mastermind and author of the above first-hand account), and Martin Haye (Structris Visionary and Creator).