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The People of KansasFest

Posted Mon, Aug. 19th 2013 in News

Who goes to KansasFest?  A series of short interviews published on Computerworld from Ken Gagne tries to answer this question.  Through these videos, you’ll meet some diverse and interesting guys and gals who attended KansasFest 2013.

When you’re done with those, enjoy three bonus interviews.

Thank you to Ken for planning, recording, and publishing all of these profiles.  And, thank you to Ivan Drucker, Carl Knoblock, and Dr. Steven Weyhrich for sharing their history with the Apple II.

What did you miss?

Posted Mon, Aug. 12th 2013 in News

What did you miss at KansasFest?  Even if you were there, you probably slept at least once and missed something exciting.

The folks in Australia had their own fun at OzKfest, and Twitter captured news from their gathering.

There’s much more for us to archive and share.  More material, including videos, will appear in the coming months as we have time to collect and process the everything.

HackFest 2013

Posted Wed, Aug. 7th 2013 in News

We had seven HackFest participants this year.  The judges were Eric Shepherd, Eric Rucker, and James Littlejohn.

Competitors were, in order of placing:

  1. Margaret Anderson: Won a Raspberry Pi kit.  Her project was a nifty Eamon mapper.
  2. Geoff Weiss:  He donated his prize back to the committee for re-use. He fixed a Teach bug with improper alignment of where the I-beam cursor switch should happen over scroll bars, and he updated the Time control panel for the current Daylight Saving Time dates.
  3. Kevin Savetz:  Won Dr. Steve’s book. Wrote a program that automatically plays Structris.
  4. Jeremy Rand: Won the Brain Board. Wrote an RPN calculator as a shell program and got a decent start on an NDA version.
  5. Kelvin Sherlock: Chose the Chip Tunes disk. Wrote an init that displays “KANSASFEST 2013” message on the boot screen, one letter at a time. Also updated ORCA/C to support binary literals, a big hit for programmers.
  6. Charles Magnin: Chose the New Apple II Users Guide. Designed a KansasFest themed 5.25″ disk sleeve and created a hacked Bard’s Tale character disk with super-powered characters with a KansasFest theme.
  7. Forrest Lowe: Chose the 5.25″ disk adapter for USB. Created a custom tool for helping him boot trace a disk.

Thank you to the judges, especially Eric Shepherd who provided the above notes.  Thank you to everyone who took the time and courage to participate.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll collect and post entries.

Thanks for helping KansasFest with your Amazon orders

Posted Mon, Aug. 5th 2013 in News

Thanks to those who have taken advantage of the link, Amazon has paid us $135 in the past 7 months, which is being used to help with expenses associated with planning, advertising, and hosting the event. We appreciate the support of the Apple II community for using this simple, no-cost link.

Structris Tournament Champion and Awesome Dude: Eric Rucker

Posted Fri, Aug. 2nd 2013 in News

The Structris championship match’s pivotal moment:

At the end of level 9, Carrington’s blip was trapped and in the deep decent of doom. Believing this was the end, he looked away from the screen to curse the stars. The level had, in fact, completed in the nick of time. But it was too late to recover. Crushed like a bug. Eric was victorious.

Special mentions:

  • Semi-finalist Scott Miller, who provided the game’s mantra: “DON’T FEAR THE PIECE, NEVER FEAR THE PIECE”.
  • Kevin “the Human” Savetz and Carrington Vanston who gave an entertaining semi-final round – progressing well beyond level 10.
  •  Jeremy Rand for scoring the highest in the seed round (97 rows cleared)

Thanks to all the competitors, Michael Sternberg (Supreme Structris Mastermind and author of the above first-hand account), and Martin Haye (Structris Visionary and Creator).

Apple II Forever Awards

Posted Mon, Jul. 29th 2013 in News

Since 2010, the KansasFest Committee has recognized members of the Apple II community who have made significant contributions to the Apple II, either in promoting or developing for the platform during its active years, or in helping to advance or preserve the Apple II since its production had been discontinued.

I’m pleased to announce the 2013 winners:

  • Randy Wigginton: Apple employee #6, contributed to original development of RWTS, which was the foundation of Apple DOS for the Disk II. He was responsible for the adaptation of Microsoft’s 6502 BASIC for use on the Apple II, creating the influential and long-lived Applesoft BASIC. He later wrote MacWrite for the original Macintosh.
  • Steve Wozniak: Co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc. Created the Apple-1, which was the start of the company. This developed into the Apple II platform, which was one of the longest-lived 8-bit computer platforms. He later created the Disk II, a low-cost adaptation of Shugart’s 5.25-inch floppy disk drive for the Apple II. Both products together propelled Apple into the Fortune 500, and funded the development of the Apple III, Apple Lisa, and Macintosh computers.
  • Antoine Vignau: Member of the French Apple IIGS programming group, Brutal Deluxe. He was originally part of the French software cracking group, Hackerforce. As part of Brutal Deluxe, has created numerous programs for both the 8-bit and 16-bit Apple II platforms, and even into the 2000s and 2010s has continued to be active. Also maintains an archive of names and WAV files of Apple II cassette software titles. Has been a writer for Juiced.GS magazine.
  • Olivier Zardini: Member of the French Apple IIGS programming group, Brutal Deluxe. As part of Brutal Deluxe, has created numerous programs for the Apple IIgs platform.
  • Carl Knoblock: Has been a serving member of the KansasFest community for many years, helping coordinate transportation to move attendees travelers to and from the Kansas City airport.
  • Mike Maginnis: Co-host of the monthly Open Apple podcast, and the weekly No Quarter podcast (about classic arcade games). Staff writer for Juiced.GS, a quarterly Apple II magazine. Involved in scanning the full run of several Apple II publications, including Computist, AppleWorks Forum, Softalk, and ON THREE.

What’s up at KansasFest?

Posted Fri, Jul. 26th 2013 in News

A2Central has a fantastic summary of the KFest happenings.  Also, check out the Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ links to the left.

Who’s who at KansasFest?

Posted Tue, Jul. 23rd 2013 in News

Too many faces?  Too many names?  Too much excitement?  Scott Miller has put together a “Who’s Who of KFest” with pictures and biographies to help you meet, find, and remember people.  Knock on Scott’s door if you’d like to add your face.

UPDATED Saturday (7/27/2013) with more faces. Please download again.