We had seven HackFest participants this year.  The judges were Eric Shepherd, Eric Rucker, and James Littlejohn.

Competitors were, in order of placing:

  1. Margaret Anderson: Won a Raspberry Pi kit.  Her project was a nifty Eamon mapper.
  2. Geoff Weiss:  He donated his prize back to the committee for re-use. He fixed a Teach bug with improper alignment of where the I-beam cursor switch should happen over scroll bars, and he updated the Time control panel for the current Daylight Saving Time dates.
  3. Kevin Savetz:  Won Dr. Steve’s book. Wrote a program that automatically plays Structris.
  4. Jeremy Rand: Won the Brain Board. Wrote an RPN calculator as a shell program and got a decent start on an NDA version.
  5. Kelvin Sherlock: Chose the Chip Tunes disk. Wrote an init that displays “KANSASFEST 2013” message on the boot screen, one letter at a time. Also updated ORCA/C to support binary literals, a big hit for programmers.
  6. Charles Magnin: Chose the New Apple II Users Guide. Designed a KansasFest themed 5.25? disk sleeve and created a hacked Bard’s Tale character disk with super-powered characters with a KansasFest theme.
  7. Forrest Lowe: Chose the 5.25? disk adapter for USB. Created a custom tool for helping him boot trace a disk.

Thank you to the judges, especially Eric Shepherd who provided the above notes.  Thank you to everyone who took the time and courage to participate.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll collect and post entries.