As usual, KansasFest made and continue to makes headlines throughout the retrocomputing world. Many podcasts have focused on the convention throughout the last month, featuring interviews and reflections from the world’s premier Apple II event.

Retro Computing Roundtable

The Retro Computing Roundtable (iTunes) was first on the air with their show #30, recorded live at KansasFest — at which RCR‘s three hosts met for the first time! First-time attendees David Greelish and Earl Evans joined veteran Carrington Vanston in Kansas City for this recording. There’s a further recap in episode #31, recorded a few weeks after the event.


Archivist and Serenity extra Brian Wiser appeared on episode #251 of the RetroMacCast (iTunes). This first-time attendee gave two presentations at KansasFest, and his enthusiasm for the event is evident in this interview.

Open Apple

Finally, the Open Apple podcast (iTunes) aired show #18 with a panel consisting of Wayne Arthurton, who recently attended his first KansasFest since 2004, and Paul Hagstrom and Jeremy Rand, both first-time attendees. Arthurton presented at KansasFest, while Rand came in first place in the HackFest competition, providing diverse perspectives on the same event.

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