Any recurring gathering, be it a family reunion, a civic organization, or convention has this in common: Tradition! We gather to see family or friends, have a good time together, and sometimes participate in activities that happen nowhere else than that event. The family gathering may be used as an opportunity to play Pictionary, or hearing Grandpa once again regale us with stories of his time in the Army during WWII. The civic organization may be the annual discussion about how we will do fundraising this year, and Fred’s insistence on a polka-thon. And a convention like KansasFest is no stranger to these traditions, which include meals we share at favorite restaurants, or a trip to the Apple Store, or attending a movie in the company of fellow retrocomputing enthusiasts.

These after-hours events add to the enjoyment of sessions presented by the top luminaries in the Apple II world. And beyond that, there is the opportunity for each attendee to demonstrate their own prowess on the field of competition. We offer:

  • HackFest — a chance to create a program in just a few days while in attendance, something to inspire awe and respect from your peers
  • Tie One On — anyone can wear a tie, but how many can display the most unique tie of anyone else at KFest?
  • Bite The Bag — demonstrate your ninja skills of balance and dental dexterity to pick up an ever shrinking paper bag from the floor
  • Door Decoration — Hey! It’s a dorm, and what’s a dorm without a unique way to show everyone which door is your door? Show us your amazing artistic acumen
  • Exhibit Hall — showcase the most interesting or unusual hardware or software you have!
  • And who knows with what else we might come up!

Of course, to reward the display of your unique set of attributes, there are prizes! Among the available booty this year, you could win:

Come for the conference, participate in the contests, and find that amazing contribution that will put your name in the KansasFest record book!