A mainstay of KansasFest is the vendor fair, in which members of the Apple II community buy, sell, swap, and trade hardware, software, and publications. Despite its name, you don’t need to be a vendor to participate: many attendees come bearing monitors, floppy disks, and magazines looking for a good home. Whether you’re intending to be profitable or altruistic, the vendor fair has a spot for you.


This year, the appeal of the vendor fair will be expanded even further by including an exhibit hall. This is the chance for you to bring out the hardware that’s been sitting in your dorm room all week and give other attendees a look at what you have under the hood. Whether it’s an Apple III, a HackFest entry, or an AppleCrate, all attendees are invited to show off their newest, rarest, or coolest hardware or software and let other Apple II users play with your setup.

Want to participate in the fair or exhibit hall? Indicate your interest when registering, or drop us a line! The event is held Saturday afternoon and is open to the public for viewing and purchasing.