Past KansasFest attendees have had loads of fun building one of Vince Briel’s kits. The proprietor behind Briel Computers is a patient teacher whose products are top-notch — “If you can’t get the real thing, get the Briel thing!” Last year, almost twenty attendees built the A2MP3 card, and two years before was the Replica-1, with every customer walking away with a working product.

Briel will again offer a workshop with his hands-on guidance — he’s a good teacher and patient with novices. Rather than offer a workshop focused on a single product, Briel will offer instruction in how to assemble any one of his models. The price of registration includes his hands-on tutelage and the purchase of the actual product, with which you go home. The minimum required hardware that isn’t supplied is a soldering iron, available at your local Radio Shack, and Briel will even teach you how to use it.

The following kits will be offered (prices are special for KFest attendees):

  • Apple IIGS 4MB RAM — $49 (save $40) — Experience: Beginner
  • Apple II MP3 — $89 (save $20) — Experience: Beginner
  • Replica 1 (Apple-1) — $129 (save $20) — Experience: Beginner to intermediate
  • Micro-KIM — $99 (save $10) — Experience: Intermediate
  • Altair 8800micro — $209 (save $10) — Experience: Intermediate

Workshop registration is available online and is not included in KansasFest registration. The deadline to register is July 8.