Workshop: Build Your Own Computer

Posted Wed, Jun. 25th 2014 in News

Vince Briel of Briel Computers will be hosting a workshop at KansasFest 2014.  With his expert guidance, you’ll have the opportunity to build your very own computer from a pile of parts and a soldering iron.  The workshop is suitable for beginners who aren’t sure which end of the soldering iron to hold and has been a hit at several past events.

You may choose from several kits.  If you’d like to join, please pre-register and pay on Vince’s website by July 10.  You need to bring a few basic tools listed on the registration website.

Superboard III – Based on the Ohio Scientific Superboard II AKA OSI 600 or C1P in the case, the new Superboard III is a singleboard computer with a built in video display and keyboard.

replica 1 – The replica 1 is a functional clone of the apple 1 and uses some of the original chips like the 6502 and 6821.

PockeTerm – The PockeTerm is a single board terminal that uses a Parallax Propeller micro-controller to emulate a VT100 terminal.

Micro-KIM – The Micro-KIM is a reduced sized replica of the KIM-1. The KIM-1 was a single board computer designed to help aide with 6502 engineering development.

KansasFest kit-building workshop with Vince Briel

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Past KansasFest attendees have had loads of fun building one of Vince Briel’s kits. The proprietor behind Briel Computers is a patient teacher whose products are top-notch — "If you can’t get the real thing, get the Briel thing!" Last year, almost twenty attendees built the A2MP3 card, and two years before was the Replica-1, with every customer walking away with a working product.

Briel will again offer a workshop with his hands-on guidance — he’s a good teacher and patient with novices. Rather than offer a workshop focused on a single product, Briel will offer instruction in how to assemble any one of his models. The price of registration includes his hands-on tutelage and the purchase of the actual product, with which you go home. The minimum required hardware that isn’t supplied is a soldering iron, available at your local Radio Shack, and Briel will even teach you how to use it.

The following kits will be offered (prices are special for KFest attendees):

  • Apple IIGS 4MB RAM — $49 (save $40) — Experience: Beginner
  • Apple II MP3 — $89 (save $20) — Experience: Beginner
  • Replica 1 (Apple-1) — $129 (save $20) — Experience: Beginner to intermediate
  • Micro-KIM — $99 (save $10) — Experience: Intermediate
  • Altair 8800micro — $209 (save $10) — Experience: Intermediate

Workshop registration is available online and is not included in KansasFest registration. The deadline to register is July 8.

A2MP3 auction to benefit @rsuenaga fund

Posted Wed, Sep. 14th 2011 in News

Two years after it was first unveiled at KansasFest 2009, Vince Briel’s A2MP3 card finally became commercially available at this year’s event, bringing MP3-playing capabilities to the Apple II. Attendees of KansasFest 2011 not only had the opportunity to assemble their A2MP3 kit under the watchful eye of its creator; they also got a custom board branded with the KansasFest logo, available nowhere else.
A2MP3 card
Until now! If you missed your chance to get the limited-edition A2MP3 card, you can now bid on one on eBay. This card, which has been built and modified by Tony Diaz to eliminate the need for a zip tie, was donated by Vince Briel and is the only way for anyone who didn’t attend KansasFest 2011 to get their hands on this unique card.

Best of all, 100% of the proceeds from this auction benefit the @rsuenaga Scholarship Fund. Ryan Suenaga was a longtime member and stalwart supporter of the Apple II community who tragically passed away earlier this year. Ryan had every intention of attending KansasFest 2011. In his absence, his friends have created a scholarship to benefit young adults, to whom Ryan, as a social worker, dedicated much of his life. This auction will be added to funds collected at KansasFest 2011 into a single donation that will make a significant difference in a young person’s life.

Please bid often and generously!

A2MP3 Workshop

Posted Thu, Jul. 21st 2011 in

Build Vince Briel?s newest kit, an Apple II card that can play MP3 files loaded via a USB memory stick. Advanced registration and fee was required for this workshop. All are welcome to watch.

Build your own A2MP3 card with Vince Briel

Posted Fri, Apr. 8th 2011 in News

Vince Briel's Apple-1 workshop

Vince's workshops have been a hit at past KansasFests. Sign up while you can!

Here’s another great reason to attend this year’s KansasFest: Vince Briel of Apple-1 replica fame will conduct a workshop in which you build his latest creation, the A2MP3 card.

With this expansion card for the Apple II, you can plug in a USB memory stick loaded with MP3 files and play them on your Apple II. As an extra bonus, the cards will have ‘KansasFest’ silk-screened onto the card. These uniquely branded cards won’t be offered anywhere else!

The workshop costs $99 and includes both the parts required to build the kit and Vince’s tutelage to help you put it all together. Some soldering will be necessary, but beginners are welcome! To reserve your spot, add the workshop to your shopping cart when you register for KansasFest.

Replica 1 workshop gallery at Computerworld

Posted Fri, Aug. 14th 2009 in News

Vince Briel's Apple-1 workshopAs Vince Briel conducted his Replica 1 workshop on the last full day of KansasFest 2009, Ken Gagne, one of six students in the class, had his progress documented in photography. The result is an image gallery at showing many of the steps (and obstacles) involved in assembling a working Apple-1 clone. It’s great to see KansasFest getting coverage in the mainstream press!

For a more informal look at KansasFest, there are plenty of other photos to complement our videos and podcasts. Check out our photo gallery for pictures by KansasFest attendees Ryan Suenaga, Bruce Baker, and Mark Frischknecht.

Arkanoid door sign wins Welcome to Macintosh DVD

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Each year, KansasFest encourages its attendees to compete in a number of silly contests. One of those contests is the Door Sign contest, in which entrants decorate the door of their dorm room. This year’s winner was Mark Frischknecht, who created a Breakout-theme design, which was adapted to film by KansasFest organizer Tony Diaz, with help from Mark, Ivan Drucker, and Paul Zaleski:



For his efforts, Mark won a copy of the Welcome to Macintosh documentary:



Even better, the DVD was signed by Vince Briel, who was at KansasFest hosting a Replica-1-making workshop. Vince is featured in the documentary:



Replica 1 Workshop

Posted Sat, Jul. 25th 2009 in

by Vince Briel

Build your very own Replica 1, a working Apple-1 clone! Its creator will be on-hand to help you assemble your kit and test it. Note: this workshop has a fee not included with KansasFest and requires separate registration.

Location: XL Lobby