Apple Mailbox
Is your check in the mail to attend the greatest Apple II convention ever?

The United States is currently entering a three-day weekend. When it emerges, there will be only one day left in the month of May. That day is also your last chance to qualify for Early Bird registration for KansasFest 2011!

Sign up for KansasFest 2011 on or before Tuesday, May 31, to ensure the lowest prices and to order your t-shirt. On June 1, registration prices go up by a minimum of $55, and t-shirt orders close. (Registration for Vince Briel’s optional workshop will remain open.)

Register with PayPal or a credit card using our online registration form. If you’re paying by check or money order, please print and mail our offline registration form. As long as it’s postmarked by May 31, we’ll honor it! Otherwise, you have until July 10 to register at the standard, non-Early Bird rate.

However you register, what matters is that you register at all, as the greatest contribution you can make to the event is your presence! KansasFest is all about the community, so come be a part of ours this summer, July 19–24 in Kansas City, MO.