Counting down the days until KansasFest 2011? Let your Apple IIGS do that for you!

KansasFest committee member, logo designer, and former HackFest winner Peter Neubauer has created a GS/OS New Desk Accessory (NDA) that dynamically updates the days, hours, minutes, and seconds left until the 22nd annual Apple II convention opens for a week of sessions, competitions, friends, and surprises. Now you’ll never be wanting for a precise knowledge of how long before your anticipation is rewarded.

KansasFest 2011 countdown NDA
Can't wait for KansasFest? Neither can your Apple II!
Get your KansasFest 2011 Countdown NDA (with source code!) as either a SHK archive or PO disk image — perfect for your real or emulated Apple II.