KansasFest 2011 flyer thumbnail

In a few days, all KansasFest alumni will be receiving a registration packet in the mail. Included are the event’s postal registration form, for those who want to pay by check, as well as our annual flyer. The flyer is an attractive, single-page poster that features the KansasFest 2011 logo and a picture of Martin Haye creating his HackFest 2010-winning program, capturing the spirit and creativity of the event. The flyer is meant to be printed and shared, which is why you’ll also see it in Juiced.GS and at VCF East 7.0.

The best publicity for the event is word of mouth, so please feel free to participate in the flyer’s distribution! Hang it up in your office, plaster it across your campus, and mail it to all your friends, ensuring KansasFest 2011 will be the biggest and best yet!