Apple II cars

KansasFest starts two weeks from today! With no official sessions on the Tuesday schedule, the first day of the event is your opportunity to arrive, unpack, unwind, and meet-and-greet with your fellow Apple II enthusiasts.

In the spirit of the community, KansasFest attendees often share rides between the airport and Rockhurst University, coordinated by Carl Knoblock. If you need or can offer a ride, please fill out the Peikop Endropov travel form. We’ll match your availability with other travellers to get everyone where they need to go. It’s an excellent opportunity to extend the duration of KansasFest by putting you in each other’s company ASAP!

Note that this is a volunteer-run service. Contributions to your driver to offset gas and car rental costs are not expected but are appreciated.

If you’re driving from farther away, such as Chicago or Denver, consider looking for a carpool buddy on the KansasFest email discussion list.