KansasFest regular and committee member Sean Fahey, host of A2Central.com, is graciously offering a treasure trove of Apple II hardware, software, and publications to KansasFest attendees. The details are as follows:

Thanks to the generosity and good will of former Apple II users and the hard work of friends (especially James Littlejohn), I will have an assortment of parts, machines, books, software, used disks, etc. for KansasFest attendees to pick over and haul off if they have a need. It’s not all junk; I’ve just taken in way too much Apple II gear, and sharing with the community gives me warm fuzzies.

The usual terms apply:

  • If I got it for free, it will be freely given to someone else.
  • I’ll accept donations, but I certainly don’t expect them.
  • Take what you need. Just don’t take something and then turn right around and put it on eBay, or worse, sell it at the vendor fair.
  • If you’re after something special, let me know ahead of time so I can put your name on it.
  • I’m not giving away premium items (accelerators, RAM cards, etc). I might consider selling, though — ask if you’re looking something special.

That’s it. Hope to see all of you at KansasFest. Apple II Forever!

Thank you, Sean, for making KansasFest 2010 a must-attend event for all Apple II aficionados!

JULY 7 UPDATE from Sean:

Instead of a trip to my garage, the garage will be transported to Rockhurst, thanks to James Littlejohn’s big green bus. We’ll be loading totes full of misc. gear, disks, books and whatever else we’ve managed to scrounge and bring it with us.

We may need to ask for a few volunteers for the following tasks:

  • Help unload the bus, and then reload what isn’t taken back into the bus.
  • Help sort loose sets of disks. I’m afraid that during the “keep it or give it away” phase of the packing, some sets of things like Publisher, Print Shop and operating system disks were chunked into the totes loose. They need to be matched up. Think of it as a Apple II themed memory game.

See you all in a few weeks!