A treasure trove of prizes at KansasFest 2010

Posted Mon, Jul. 12th 2010 in News

Each KansasFest attendee goes home with more than they brought. The memories and friendships made at KansasFest last a lifetime, and the lessons and experiences learned from fellow Apple II enthusiasts, both within and without the structured sessions, lead to even more enjoyment of our favorite platform.

But what about more tangible mementos? How about some fantastic swag?

Focus IDE

Increase your Apple II's storage capacity for free by winning this card!

When you pack for KansasFest, leave room in your luggage, as every person at KansasFest has the opportunity to go home with prizes that will make you a true Apple II power user. Among this year’s selection are hardware, software, and magazines that you won’t find at any other computer convention:

How does one win such fabulous prizes? There are several ways:

  • Enter the HackFest. This programming contest challenges you to create a cool Apple II program in a limited amount of time. Your entry doesn’t need to be practical or even complete to win!
  • In honor of Roger Wagner, attendees (men and women!) are invited to “Tie One On” and wear outrageous or ugly ties to the Friday night formal banquet. The person with the best (or worst!) tie will be decided by a member of the planning committee.
  • Attendees staying on-site in Rockhurst University dorm rooms may decorate the door to their room. Posters, signs, knick-knacks, and other accessories are all fair play, as long as they can be safely removed at the end of the conference. The best door sign may prove worthy of a prize!
  • Show up! Just for being at KansasFest, we guarantee you’ll go home with more than you expected.

Other potential prize venues include playing games such as GShisen or Bite the Bag. These prizes are in addition to whatever gear you haul from Sean’s garage or buy at the vendor fair. Our thanks to all community members and vendors who have contributed to this year’s offerings. So come enjoy the people, activities, and prizes of KansasFest!

Replica 1 workshop gallery at Computerworld

Posted Fri, Aug. 14th 2009 in News

Vince Briel's Apple-1 workshopAs Vince Briel conducted his Replica 1 workshop on the last full day of KansasFest 2009, Ken Gagne, one of six students in the class, had his progress documented in photography. The result is an image gallery at Computerworld.com showing many of the steps (and obstacles) involved in assembling a working Apple-1 clone. It’s great to see KansasFest getting coverage in the mainstream press!

For a more informal look at KansasFest, there are plenty of other photos to complement our videos and podcasts. Check out our photo gallery for pictures by KansasFest attendees Ryan Suenaga, Bruce Baker, and Mark Frischknecht.

Replica 1 Workshop

Posted Sat, Jul. 25th 2009 in

by Vince Briel

Build your very own Replica 1, a working Apple-1 clone! Its creator will be on-hand to help you assemble your kit and test it. Note: this workshop has a fee not included with KansasFest and requires separate registration.

Location: XL Lobby

Vince Briel’s Replica 1 workshop

Posted Mon, Feb. 2nd 2009 in News

Vince Briel, the creator of the Replica 1, an Apple-1 clone, has volunteered to run a workshop at KansasFest 2009 to help attendees build their Replica 1 kit.

To offer this workshop, there needs to be enough people interested in signing up. The cost would be $149 and includes the kit, meaning you would leave KansasFest with your own working Apple-1 clone.  This price is the normal retail value of an unassembled Replica 1 kit, and the workshop, included in your KansasFest registration, would take 2-3 hours on the morning of Saturday, July 25th. You would need to bring an inexpensive soldering iron (or we could have some extras on hand).

Vince has offered this workshop at other events, such as the Vintage Computer Festival East last September. He is a patient and skilled teacher who makes assembling an Apple-1 clone easy for soldering veterans and newbies alike.

If you would be interested in having Vince attend KansasFest to offer this opportunity, please let us know!