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Mike Harvey

Mike Harvey of Nibble magazine to deliver keynote

KansasFest 2016, the 28th annual Apple II convention, is scheduled for July 19 – 24 in Kansas City, Missouri. Mike Harvey, a business executive, salesperson, technologist, project manager, entrepreneur, programmer, and best known in the Apple community as the founder and publisher of Nibble magazine, will join us with a keynote presentation. Harvey started his …

Garage Giveaway 2015

Garage Giveaway

Sean’s Garage Giveaway (GG) is one of the most popular events at KansasFest. Sean, James, and other dedicated community members have been freely giving away vintage Apple computers, peripherals, books, magazines, and software (and much more) for several years now. Many of the items Sean redistributes come from other retro Apple enthusiasts collections, typically because …

Goodbye 2015.  Hello 2016.

Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016.

The 27th KansasFest is finished, and the last few people are making their way to the airport.  We had 76 people join us and prove that the Apple II is forever.  Even after so many years, there are still brilliant, clever, original, and fun things to do with our favorite computer.  Over the next few …