Sean’s Garage Giveaway (GG) is one of the most popular events at KansasFest. Sean, James, and other dedicated community members have been freely giving away vintage Apple computers, peripherals, books, magazines, and software (and much more) for several years now.

Many of the items Sean redistributes come from other retro Apple enthusiasts collections, typically because they’re downsizing, lost interest or sadly, have passed on. Some of it is shipped in; some of it volunteers travel and fetch. The important thing to the former owners and to us is that we keep vintage Apple stuff out of the landfill and in the hands of appreciative enthusiasts like you.

Sean doesn’t sell any of it because he believes what is freely given should be freely shared with the rest of our community. He accepts donations during KansasFest to cover storage, travel and gas expenses, but he’s always in the red.

At the suggestion of several KansasFest attendees and friends, Sean has started a GoFundMe fundraiser so that you may support the Garage Giveaway as you see fit. Your gift directly helps offset the expense of bringing the vintage Apple II and Macintosh goodies to KansasFest.

Click here to visit the GoFundMe fundraiser and to support the Garage Giveaway.

Garage Giveaway 2015