Courtesy of Sean Fahey, here are some useful tips to prepare for your KansasFest experience:

It may be obvious to some, but we want to make sure everyone is aware that it gets HOT AND HUMID here. Some trekking is involved going between the dorm and the cafeteria, loading/unloading vehicles, etc. If you’re from a milder climate or an indoor person, the heat and humidity can be brutal.

Keep yourself hydrated.
Don’t over exert yourself.
Ask for help if you need it.
Wear appropriate clothing.
Sunscreen is your friend.

Many attendees choose to keep a cooler in their room (often shared by roomies) filled with ice, beverages and munchies. There *should* be a working ice machine in the basement of the dorm. To prevent the first day’s run on the ice, consider filling up with ice from a convenience/grocery store first and then restock from the ice machine.

There is usually an impromptu call for a caravan to Wal-Mart for supplies Tuesday evening… holler if you need a ride, directions, etc. Wal-Mart has just about anything you’ll need.

For electronics, there is a Micro Center about 20+ minutes away in Overland Park and it’s also fairly close to the Wal-Mart.

Some attendees bring small desk fans or box fans to boost the effectiveness of the dorm A/C units. It’s also a good backup in case of… A/C failure.

The dorm rooms may have decoy Ethernet jacks, but they have been non-functional since 2017. Network access is fully Wi-Fi now. It might take a day or two before all needed ports on the campus network are open. Rockhurst takes network security seriously, but they do try to accommodate our needs. The Wi-Fi credentials are usually made available shortly after our arrival.

There are laundry facilities in the dorm basement. They’re free, but you’ll need detergent obviously. Sometimes, people go in on and share a box of detergent.

There is an ATM machine in Massman.

Dorm halls where our rooms are located are divided into ‘loud’ and ‘quiet’ areas. The men’s bathroom is on the loud hall, the women’s is located on the quiet hall. Signs will be posted.

Guard your door card! If we lose a door card, it can cost the conference $100 to replace it. When you arrive, you will be provided with a door card (for swiping to get into the dorm and your hall) and a key (for your room) on a lanyard with a pouch. I put the key on the lanyard for easy access, but your card should always stay in the lanyard’s pouch.

If you have a car for the duration of the conference, please consider carpooling with other attendees when we head out to local restaurants so we don’t have to use taxis. Tuesday night is the trip to Jack Stack BBQ (they have steak and veggie friendly options also). Some people go to other nearby restaurants if you don’t want BBQ.

People sometimes donate their leftover supplies to the student RAs just before leaving the conference.

The KansasFest Organizing Committee (KFOC) wants you to feel welcome and have a great time. If you have questions or concerns, ask any member of the KFOC for assistance. You’ll find their names and pictures in your conference packet.