Photograph of Rob Gemmell

We are pleased to announce that Rob Gemmell, Apple employee from 1981-89 and one of the key designers of the Apple IIc, will be joining us virtually at KansasFest 2024 as a featured speaker!

From 1981 to 1989, Rob was the Apple industrial designer of computers and accessories, then Creative Director of packaging, tradeshows and events, corporate signage, and Apple’s identity. Since 1990, he has been an entrepreneur, designer, artist, CMO, marketing coach, and consultant to Apple, among others.

Rob Gemmell was the initial designer of the Apple IIc, beginning with his strong advocacy that Apple should create a portable Apple II. After Steve Jobs saw Toshiba’s first portable computer, Rob got the green light to design what became the Apple IIc. His initial designs included all of the key features of the final IIc, including a folding handle, built-in floppy disk drive, the overall form factor, and even the “Snow White” lines on the top.

Rob saved most of his memorabilia from his Apple days, including unique prototype sketches and drawings, blueprints, photographs and slides, and internal company documents. During his virtual presentation, Rob will share highlights from his extensive collection, and offer KansasFest attendees a rare glimpse into the creative design process at Apple Computer during the 1980s.

Stay tuned for more featured speaker announcements coming soon.