We’re pleased to announce that effective immediately, Kirk Mitchell has accepted the role of KansasFest’s Secretary.

Kirk Mitchell has been a long time KansasFest attendee since 1997 and committee member at large since 2008. Famously known for his role as the grillmeister of the KFest Kookout, Kirk also handles many of the backend logistics that help make KansasFest successful.

As Secretary, Kirk will be responsible for helping the committee keep accurate records, as well as assist in coordinating the organization’s public relations and media outreach.

KansasFest is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to preserving the history and spirit of the Apple II computer. We host an annual conference where attendees can share their mutual interests and innovations relevant to one of the first truly personal computers, the Apple II. Learn more about us at our website.

Apple II Forever!

Kirk Mitchell at the grill, circa 2009
Kirk Mitchell (photograph courtesy of Ryan Suenaga, 2009)