On June 27 2022, the KansasFest committee voted to accept the resignation of Steven Weyhrich from both the KansasFest organization committee and the KansasFest Board of Directors, effective immediately. 

The committee did not come to this decision lightly and we understand that the delays were frustrating to the community. Going forward, we intend to have clearer decision making and communication procedures to cover emergencies such as this. 

We are also going to continue to update the Code of Conduct, including a revision to indicate what is expected of committee members.  We have heard the community’s concerns and we realize that we are and should be held to a higher standard. Committee members have agreed to take some time to reflect on how this can and will affect them.  

We hope that these actions can begin to heal the rifts in the community, but we realize that this will take time, and that the community is looking for actions not just words. In the short term this will include the updates to the Code of Conduct and a clearer decision/communication process. In the longer term, this will include a review of our current operations (such as the location) looking for ways that we can increase attendee feelings of safety and inclusivity. We intend to be as transparent as possible about this process.  

As always, share your thoughts and concerns with any of the committee members.