HackFest is an Apple II programming competition held over the course of KansasFest every year, and we were fortunate to continue this tradition in 2020. It’s amazing what people can develop in such a short time.

We had 8 entries and 5 awards. Video, links, disk images, and source code are available from our Website.

  • Matt Rand with “Using an Apple ][ through Discord” (1st place)
  • Charles Mangin with “Canyon” (2nd place)
  • Sellam Abraham with “Mesmerizer Exorciser” (3rd place)
  • Micah Cowan with “Fnord” (4th place)
  • Ben Smith with “Etch” (5th place)
  • Matteo Trevisan with “Visual Apple II OS”
  • Scott Lawrence with “Video Switcher for the Apple ][c Rollercoaster LaserDisc Game”
  • Andrew Roughan with “Patch Mockingboard speech titles to use SAM software speech”

Please thank our judges: 4am, Carrington Vanston, Kay Savetz, and Quinn Dunki

HackFest 2020 Award Presentation