As of March 10, 2020, the Committee does not have any plans to cancel this year’s event. However, as this is a constantly changing situation, stay tuned to this channel for further updates. We will again review things just before registration opens. 

There have been a number of large events scheduled for 2020 whose organizers have decided to cancel due to concerns about COVID-19. The CDC does not currently have any recommendations that mandate cancellations, but does have a preparedness list on how to handle large events. The list includes information that you’ve already heard on the news (stay home if you’re sick, cover your coughs, wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, clean surfaces regularly, etc, etc.). The CDC has not taken a stance as to what size events are more risky than others. 

Cancellation of KFest will be dependent on a number of factors, including what is going on with COVID-19 as we move out of winter and into spring and summer, and whether or not Rockhurst University itself will make any announcements as to whether they will continue to hold events on the campus this summer as they usually do (KFest is just one of many gatherings who are hosted there each year). 

For those who have to make travel reservations, you will need to contact your airline and find out what options you have for cancelation if problems with COVID-19 should make it necessary to change plans. We would advise you to consider buying travel insurance if you are concerned about this. Check with your airline, credit card company, or travel professional about your options in case of a cancellation.

If we would have to make the hard decision to cancel KFest 2020 after registrations opens, we will refund registration fees.